1. About The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift is a collection of hip-hop-beats (instrumentals) and it is for free. It is released weekly, every tuesday on this blog.
It contains beats made by SimonAyEm throughout the last 13 years. Every album released includes 13 beats (except for volume 0, which includes 21 beats).

By the end of 2013, which has 53 tuesdays, the avid collector (downloading individual) will be in posession of more than 700 FREE BEATS! Now ain’t that something…if not the greatest gift in hip-hop-history?!

PS: These Beats come as raw as they are (usually straight off the mpc). There are no stems/seperate tracks/high quality-versions available. Thanks for your acknowledgement.


SimonAyEm (me) is a beatmaker from Basel/Switzerland in the Heart of Europe.
I’ve gotten into making Beats in 1999 and have (more or less) constantly been doing my thing on the Beat-tip since.
Working 9-5 mostly fulltime during these years made it impossible for me to strive after a professional career as a musician…which in the meantime is appreciated thoroughly as good luck keeping a lot of frustration the pro’s have to deal with at a comfortable distance.
Having worked as a Recordsalesperson, Radiohost, DJ, Collector, Connoisseur, making records with a crew, friends and whatnot, I’ve seen most of the ins-and-outs of the musicindustry and am glad that it didn’t get me to give myself up for it.
Why? One may ask; well it is actually quite simple: I believe, that when you do something for a profession, and maybe that something is not as popular with the demanding and forcefully ruling masses, you’re making it very hard for yourself…but at what price?
If you happen to find a job which you at least like doing (that’s the minimum one should get arranged with) and which pays your bills, grants you a roof over your head and feeds you and your family: perfect! Go ahead and get it, so you can keep doing what you love so much (and first thought about doing it professionally) as a hobby, without having to compromise because you need to make ends meet. Sounds good, don’t it?!

There’s a lot more to it one could run his/her mouth about on this concern.
But, I won’t, ’tis the reason for me to do what I love, whenever I feel like doing it and without having to put something out for a living (and do things for the money which maybe is below dignity…who knows!).

Therefor, The Greatest Gift, is not a run for mayor or even president (even though I know of  no such project today – I haven’t checked neither), it is my way of doing what I love doing…and giving back to the community, as I have received from the community throughout all of these years as a fan, follower, practicioner, host and last but not least part of this music/culture/movement (call it what you wanna call it). And a healthy little dose of a natural narcism (let’s be honest).

The Greatest Gift is a free download. I do not want to try to put a pricetag on something which is too big for my hands to grab (anyones, actually). It is by no means understood as an encouragement to boycot people who depend on the income they make (hopefully!) with their music and/or art.
It is merely a statement, that I, as a creator of these Beats, have felt a tremendous joy and fulfillment being able to play around and work on this music, that I wish to hand it out to people to have same of their own good times with it.
May that be for themselves, or maybe even on a more “professional” level. Be it what it may.

These Beats are for you to enjoy, take ’em as they come. There are no Beats for sale here…except for when you really insist on doing so.

Have a good 2013. May you receive all you need and have all of your wishes come true.

Peace & One


7 Responses to “1. About The Greatest Gift”

  1. What a Gift! Thank you Mr. Ay-Em. It’s about time to hit the Studio together!

  2. […] hat. Die ersten vier Folgen sind bereits online auf dem entsprechenden Blog. Dort findet ihr auch seine sympathische wie realistische Motivation als Musiker. Die auf dem Blog bereitgestellten Hörproben sollten mehr als ausreichend […]

  3. […] hat. Die ersten vier Folgen sind bereits online auf dem entsprechenden Blog. Dort findet ihr auch seine sympathische wie realistische Motivation als Musiker. Die auf dem Blog bereitgestellten Hörproben sollten mehr als ausreichend […]

  4. You are very welcome! Spread the word if you like…;-)

  5. Whoa, thanks fellows, very nice of you to like…makes it even easier to give for me! Big yourself UP. One!

  6. Big! Thank YOU Mr. AyEm!

  7. …a BIG thank you mr. funkyman…!

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